1968: Week 13

Posted on March 23, 2008
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Weekly timeline for 1968: A year of change and tumult

March 25: The 58th and final new episode of “The Monkees” airs on NBC.

March 26: Joan Baez marries antiwar activist David Harris.

March 26: Blues artist Little Willie John dies in prison after being convicted of manslaughter.

March 26: Kenny Chesney is born in Knoxville, Tenn.

March 27: Gen. Suharto succeeds Sukarno as president of Indonesia. Suharto thwarts a Communist coup and gradually assumed power; thousands of alleged communists are executed amid widespread violence.

March 27: Yuri Gagarin, 34, Soviet cosmonaut (Vostok I) and the first man to orbit the Earth, dies in a plane crash.

March 28: The U.S. lost its first aircraft in Vietnam. An F-111 vanishes in a combat mission over North Vietnam.

ml_king1.jpgMarch 28: A riot erupts in Memphis during a protest march in support of striking sanitation workers led by Martin Luther King. One African-American marcher is killed and King urges calm as National Guard troops are called in to restore order. King leaves the city but vows to return April 4.

March 29: Don Siegel’s “Madigan,” starring Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Inger Stevens, Harry Guardino and James Whitmore, opens.

March 29: Lucy Lawless is born in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.

March 30: The Yardbirds record their live album “Live Yardbirds” at the Anderson Theater.

March 30: Child star Bobby Driscoll dies at age 31 of coronary arteriosclerosis in New York City.

March 30: Celine Dion is born in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada.

March 31: President Johnson announces: “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.”


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