1968: Week Nine

Posted on February 24, 2008
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Weekly timeline for 1968: A year of change and tumult

February 27: TV anchorman Walter Cronkite returns from Vietnam and tells viewers “the bloody experience of Vietnam is to end in a stalemate.”

February 28: The U.S. Army asks for 206,000 soldiers and mobilization of reserve units for Vietnam.

February 28: Frankie Lymon dies in New York of a heroin overdose at age 25.

pepper.jpgFebruary 29: The Fifth Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away” wins record of the year for 1967, while album of the year honors go to the Beatles for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” at the Grammy Awards.

February 29: Robert McNamara resigns as Secretary of Defense.

February 29: The first “pulsar,” a star which emits regular radio waves, is discovered.

February 29: The Supremes release “Forever Came Today.”

March 1: Lyndon B. Johnson’s approval rating drops below 30%.

March 1: June Carter and Johnny Cash get married.

March 2: The siege of Khe Sanh ends in Vietnam.


The Whole World Was Watching: An oral history of 1968. A joint project between South Kingstown High School and Brown University’s Scholarly Technology Group
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