Letter From LA: Spring 2022

Posted on June 8, 2022
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 It’s been more than six months since my last Letter; this winter was a mind-numbing jumble of ill tidings that, to paraphrase Shakespeare, was a winter of (my) discontent, with little to celebrate, to write about. I can’t remember such despair on the U.S. stage since the dark days of the war in Vietnam:

Book bannings
Library and school board battles
‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws
Assaults on voting’ rights
The imminent loss of Roe v Wade
The incredible increase in violence, with crime in general and murder in particular way up
Re-emergence of COVID and its new variations
Food and durable goods shortages
Rise in teen mental issues and suicides
Homeless numbers increasing
Republicans still threatening democracy
General craziness on the streets and roads
The Russian invasion of Ukraine
Sky rocketing gas prices
The ongoing climate emergency
Trump still not in jail
And now more and more mass shootings in hospitals, stores and schools

Sometimes it’s hard to navigate these rocky shoals of early 21st century life. So to save my sanity, I’ve promised myself that I’ll write more and more Letters, to crystalize my thoughts, get things off my chest, and entertain my friends and family. Hopefully there will be many more missives, albeit some shorter than others; like this one.

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” — Paul Theroux

That said, Tuesday, June 7, is a Primary Election in California. In Los Angeles, the ballot includes more than two dozen offices up for grabs, from Governor down to members of the California State Board of Equalization.

The choices are legion: there are 23 candidates for the United States Senate and 26 for California Governor; most offices have eight or nine candidates listed. As I read through the Voter Information Pamphlet and waded my way through the candidates’ statements, I was reminded of a quotation by Victor Hugo: “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

So, to add a little levity to the insanity, here’s some excerpts from some of the better candidate statements (copied verbatim from the pamphlet):

State Senate:

Chuck Smith | REPUBLICAN
America must be governed according to the Constitution; For the People and By the People. I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran, Retired Law Enforcement Professional and Patriot. I am also a Christian and I believe God wants to use me to help Him make America Righteous Again.

Akinyemi Agbede | DEMOCRATIC
Rescue America!!! America must be Revived from collapsing. Therefore, electing Dr. Akinyemi Agbede, for the United States Senate is the answer.

In my campaign for sanity my background and qualifcations are: The poisonous fake vaccines don’t work, stop infection or transmission. Over one million VAERS injuries. Brandon Pollet. Michael Granata. Vaxeed.org documents immediate and long term debilitation. Public are guinea pigs. Masks are useless/joke against a virus. Vaxxing children is a crime. Covid is biological warfare against humanity. Vaccines kill you (systemic infammation) and your God created immune system. Build it by natural methods. I am chairman of the Constitution Party of California and created “Contract with California” (found at Fight-the-Power.org and CPofCA.org); also NationalStraightPrideCoalition.org (Normal, Natural, Healthy, Sane); ArrestBiden.org; TheyAreAttackingTheChildren.org; StopNumber24.org; HarrisIsAHouseNegro.org; CandleCrusade.org; IAmADomesticTerrorist.org. Nationalize Federal Reserve. Get honest/real money, permanent fantastic prosperity for everyone, and stop being slaves to Fed private banking cartel. See HenryMakow.com. Only 2 genders. Transgender does not exist, only psychotic broken people. Ban mutilating and indoctrinating children. Ae911truth.org. “Climate Change” is a total lie—they are too cowardly to debate. Say no to Homer Simpson fake “97% science.” The sky is not falling. 2020 election stolen by Deep State including ultra-corrupt media which will steal all future elections. White Supremacy = Planned Parenthood public health menace. They have killed 20 million + blacks; see BlackGenocide.org. Universal soul poison = hatred/resentment of parents = personal and societal breakdown. Antidote = FHU.com. Use to fght Mass Formation Psychosis/Social Engineering. Free Deep State patsy Sirhan Sirhan. Reject suicidal Green New Deal Insanity. Promote nuclear fusion


Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato | DEMOCRATIC
California Proclamation—My beloved Californians, I empathize without beguilement nor prejudice how solemn my words must tender to assuage your unfeigned hardship & bereavement, cloaked in the uncertainty of loss. Our prayers & condolences illuminate many a kindred spirit with honorable presence that your noble sacrifce perpetuates our united comfort of hope. I pray our Heavenly Father will bring light to the plight of the world, ease your daily crucifxion & complete economic resurrection for our American Family—This Is The Way. Donate today on Apple Cash, Venmo, GooglePay, CashApp to 714-448-0044 or mail check/money order to address below, payable to: Armando Perez. Thank you to my parents Consuelo & Melchor Perez for a lifetime of hard work and dedication to provide an opportunity to succeed.

Daniel R. Mercuri | REPUBLICAN
We are sovereigns, not serfs, with God-given constitutionally protected rights. I’m in this race to stop the erosion of our freedoms and put oath violators behind bars! With Jesus as my foundation, I’ll bring accountability back into our government, God back into our country, and stop treating the state like a business which enslaves Californians to meet a proft margin.

And, here’s the last word (and last laugh) on this all, from Mariana B. Dawson, running for Governor with NO PARTY PREFERENCE:

“F all politicians”


Til next time,


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