1968: Week Three

Posted on January 13, 2008
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Weekly timeline for 1968: A year of change and tumult

January 16: The U.K. announces that it will end all “East of Suez” presence by 1971.

lbj.jpgJanuary 17: President Lyndon Baines Johnson delivers his State of the Union address.

January 19: Cambodia charges that the U.S. and South Vietnam crossed the border and killed three Cambodians.

January 20: Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate marry.

January 20: “Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)” by John Fred & His Playboy Band hits No. 1.

January 21: A B-52 loaded with hydrogen bombs crashes at North Star Bay, Greenland.

January 21: Simon and Garfunkel release “The Graduate Original Soundtrack.”

January 21: In Vietnam the 77-day Siege of Khe Sanh begins as North Vietnamese units surround U.S. Marines based on the hilltop headquarters. It becomes the longest and bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War.


The Whole World Was Watching: An oral history of 1968. A joint project between South Kingstown High School and Brown University’s Scholarly Technology Group
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