The End Is Near?

ocean-trash I don’t think the world will end in my lifetime — though it will end when I die — but maybe there was something to the fact that the Mayans’ calendar stopped at the end of 2012.* We humans are so messing up the earth that we might as well stop counting years going […]

Capitalist Shibboleth #39: Land Is the Basis of All Wealth

While rummaging through some old file folders I found this advertisement; it appeared in the Los Angeles Times on February 24, 1970 —  while the Cold War was still raging.

Water, Water, Every Where ….

Have a nice swim, dear? Southern California has been inundated these past several weeks with rain storms; it’s something we’re not used: There’s flash floods, mud slides, overflowing storm drains and traffic jams. What’s really scary, though, is an advisory sent out by L.A. County’s environmental health division, advising people to stay out of the […]

The End Is Near (For Newspapers)?

It was only a matter of time:  A Pew Research Center survey conducted in early December found that the Internet has now overtaken newspapers as the second-most preferred news source among Americans. According to the study: “The Internet, which emerged this year as a leading source for campaign news, has now surpassed all other media […]

Brain Waves

Ever wonder about the sea of electromagnetic radiation we find ourselves moving through? There’s all kinds of EMR: from cell phones, carrier waves, radio waves, TV waves, portable phones, WiFi, Ethernet, radar waves, microwave ovens, remote control devices, garage door openers, electronic toys, power lines, base stations, intercoms, computers, monitors, electrical appliances, X-rays, medical devices […]

Notes From the Apocalypse

Worried that the end is at hand? Then add this to your Apocalyptic Notebook: Unless someone or something stops it soon, the mysterious killer that is wiping out many of the nation’s honeybees could have a devastating effect on the world’s dinner plate. Honeybees don’t just make honey; they pollinate such crops as apples, nuts, […]

Weather of Mass Destruction

F rom the latest e-mail Progress Report from the folks at the Center for American Progress Action Fund comes this depressing scenario. Last month, the Military Advisory Board, a panel of esteemed retired military officers, issued a report that found “projected climate change poses a serious threat to America’s national security” over the next 30 […]