The End of the Summer of Love – 1967

Courtesy AARP

More News From The Edge

Back in June of 2011 we commented on the hypocrisy of the boys from U2 — those Irish political darlings of the PC left — and in particular The Edge, who was trying to build five gigantic mansions on protected land on a rugged ridge in Malibu despite the fact that the project will negatively […]

Dreammaker: An Interview With Alejandro Jodorowsky

In the Spring of 1990, Harley Lond (then editor of Boxoffice Magazine) and Shawn Levy (then Boxoffice’s associate editor) traveled to the famed Chateau Marmont hotel on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles to interview Alejandro Jodorowsky, who was in town to promote the opening of his first film in almost a decade, “Santa Sangre.” […]

“Nobody Does It Better”

Until last week, I had never heard of Recovered Voices, an ambitious program by the L.A. Opera to revive and stage works created by Jewish composers whose lives and work were suppressed by the Nazis. Under the guidance of L.A. Opera music director James Conlon and general director Placido Domingo, the L.A. Opera inaugurated Recovered […]

Makin’ Whoopee With Eddie Cantor

He’s not a household name today (though his character appears in episodes of “Boardwalk Empire”), but Eddie Cantor was the original renaissance man of the entertainment world in the early 20th century, conquering vaudeville, Broadway, records, Hollywood, radio and TV. Cantor began in vaudeville in 1907 in New York, moved to the Great White Way […]

Stardom, Celebrity, Fame and Narrative

I’ve often wondered about Jennifer Aniston’s stardom. Here’s an actress who’s become a star of sorts despite her middle-of-the-road looks and just-average acting abilities. After the demise of “Friends,” she went on to star in a host of comedies, most of which — because of her co-stars or director or a good script — have […]

The Nude Marilyn

playboy-2 As some of you know by now, earlier this year I co-authored with another Los Angeles writer — under the pseudonym A.J. Laurence — The Hollywood Guide to Marilyn Monroe, a loving look at Marilyn’s life and films. The eBook includes a comprehensive timeline of Marilyn’s life; fascinating details about her films (both on […]

Late Nights With FM Radio and the Firesign Theatre

firesign In the late sixties — like so many kids of my generation who were “revolting” against the status-quo and the all-too-narrow and straight pre-fab lifestyle of our parents (and many friends our age, as well, who opted for marriage and family right out of high school) — I would listen to the then-new phenomena […]

Grove Press Publisher Barney Rosset, Champion of Free Speech, Dies

In 1963 — still a fresh-faced high school student just beginning to feel the need to step out and express myself, to maybe “revolt” against the staid and stunting middle-class rules and regulations that governed my school and social life — I was working on my uncle Mort’s parking lots in Los Angeles and Beverly […]

Memo to Hollywood: Guard Your Traditions

chinese OK, we know that the business of moviemaking has always skewed more to the business side than to the movie side when big money is involved — the history of cinema has always revolved around a balancing act between art and commerce — but the folks over at The Grauman Chinese Theatre in Hollywood […]

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