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Back in June of 2011 we commented on the hypocrisy of the boys from U2 — those Irish political darlings of the PC left — and in particular The Edge, who was trying to build five gigantic mansions on protected land on a rugged ridge in Malibu despite the fact that the project will negatively […]

Why No Charges for Toyota Criminals?

Why have no criminal charges been brought against Toyota executives who covered up deadly safety defects that caused sudden-acceleration accidents, taking an untold number of lives? The company has admitted it deceived consumers and regulators. According to the FBI: “Toyota put sales over safety, and profit over principle. The disregard Toyota had for the safety […]

A Real Hollywood Flop

Developers of The Millennium Project in Hollywood are proposing to build two 50+ story twin skyscrapers — one on each side of the 12-story historic Capitol Records Building. It is designed to have over 400 apartments, 100,000 sq. feet of office space, as well as restaurants, sports center, a 200 room hotel, and retail space. […]

Washington’s Fiscal Shenanigans: Americans Take It on the Chin … Again

  The People Fight Back: Storming the Tuileries (Paris), 1793 (Jacques Bertaux)   Once again, the L.A. Times’ Michael Hiltzik has come to the defense of the middle and lower classes as the wealthy and corporate empowered special interests still call the tunes in Washington. Under the headline “The middle class languishes as the super-rich […]

Memo to Hollywood: Guard Your Traditions

chinese OK, we know that the business of moviemaking has always skewed more to the business side than to the movie side when big money is involved — the history of cinema has always revolved around a balancing act between art and commerce — but the folks over at The Grauman Chinese Theatre in Hollywood […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Greed — The Saga of The Malibu Edge

OK, time to put on our angry hat. Despite the fact that the boys of U2 are noted as being politically active, socially conscious and incredibly philanthropic (Bono, for one, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize), at heart they’re super-rich rock businessmen. In the past they’ve been criticised for trying to skip out on […]

Capitalist Shibboleth #39: Land Is the Basis of All Wealth

While rummaging through some old file folders I found this advertisement; it appeared in the Los Angeles Times on February 24, 1970 —  while the Cold War was still raging.

File Under: The Rich Get Richer

FedEx profits are up, but hiring is at a standstill Under the headline “Big companies are awash in cash as economy picks up,” The Los Angeles Times reported (March 24) that although many individuals, small businesses and even states have been devastated by the recession, many of the country’s biggest companies are “loaded with cash, […]

WellPoint: Profit at the Expense of Consumers

Under the headline “Lawmakers accuse WellPoint, parent company of Anthem Blue Cross, of profiteering”  in the Thursday, Feb. 25 Los Angeles Times, Richard Simon and Duke Helfand report that “Congressional Democrats on Wednesday accused the parent company of Anthem Blue Cross of putting profits ahead of policyholders, saying the giant insurer padded its proposed rates […]

More About Anthem Blue Cross Greed

Earlier this month we wrote a post about the despicable actions of Anthem Blue Cross in raising their rates for health coverage. See Healthcare Costs on the Rise. Why? The Los Angeles Times has been vigilant in their coverage of the healthcare giant, and two articles in the Feb. 23 Business Section hit the nail […]

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