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Posted on November 3, 2014
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Back in June of 2011 we commented on the hypocrisy of the boys from U2 — those Irish political darlings of the PC left — and in particular The Edge, who was trying to build five gigantic mansions on protected land on a rugged ridge in Malibu despite the fact that the project will negatively affect the environment. [Rock ‘n’ Roll Greed — The Saga of The Malibu Edge] When The Edge was denied permission for the project, The Edge tried to conceal ownership by having his representatives put the property in other names. And after the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy told The Edge that “the development would have unavoidable significant adverse visual and ecological impacts,” he bought them off by paying them $1 million if they took a neutral stance. Fortunately, the California Coastal Commission stood its ground, denying the proposal.

Now however, it looks like The Edge has worn down his opponents. According to Curbed Los Angeles and The Los Angeles Times, “The California Coastal Commission (in early October) delayed a decision on the development until January, when they will probably approve it, despite having every reason not to … (The CCC senior deputy director, Jack Ainsworth, said ‘he would rather not see any development at all on that ridge. But property owners have a right to build in that area, so the staff negotiated the best deal that it could.’)”

I long ago got rid of all my U2 albums because of the group’s phony political stand. Maybe it’s time to boycott the money-grubbers and push them over the edge.


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