Letter From LA: 03-08-2021

Posted on March 8, 2021
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First off, I wanted to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday last month. It’s taken me awhile to process three-quarters of a century of insanity, from radioactive rain and drop drills to Donald Trump and COVID, but I popped back. So thank you.

Next I want to report that I got my Pfizer vaccinations and so far there have been no side effects — aside from Bill Gates’ voice, which I keep hearing in my head.

Driving up Highland Avenue near the Hollywood Bowl this week I saw a trash can on fire just north of Franklin. There was no-one around; the sidewalks were deserted and there were no homeless Angelinos to be seen. Spontaneous combustion? Thankfully, LA is not burning, but many of our streets look like the aftermath of a five-alarm fire — clothing, mattresses, wood, food, junk, and all sorts of garbage spilling out all over the sidewalks. The homeless problem just keeps getting worse (50,000 and counting). The city has plenty of money to at least attempt to fix the problem but I don’t think they know exactly what to do. I don’t.

Meantime, some crime in LA has increased, with homicides, vehicle theft and assaults rising. Interestingly, and contrary to what a lot of my neighbors believe (especially when our mailboxes have been jimmied open twice in the last three months), robberies and burglaries are down.

As a journalist I’ve always marveled at how the media skews it’s coverage and gives some events more importance than others. So I must admit that I was really excited about this past weekend’s “Oprah With Meghan and Harry” broadcast as I can’t imagine anything more important than a Royal Feud filled with racism. Except maybe for the bloodshed in Myanmar.

Oh yeah, and though at risk of alienating some of my friends, re: Mia vs Woody, I have two words: McMartin Preschool.

Again, thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes.



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