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A site for people who came of age in the Sixties
A generation bounded by Beatniks, Sputniks, Civil Rights and Camelot on one side, and Watergate, the end of the Vietnam War, and Disco on the other

This is a chronicle of the dreams and aspirations, musings, thoughts, and histories of that era .

Let us know what your dreams were — how and why you met (or did not meet) them. Send us a brief history, timeline, bio of yourself. Did you start out a hippie and become a Wall Street mogul? Did you start out an accountant and become an environmental rock star? It’s your turn.

We’ll pick the best of your comments/history/timelines/bios and post it as a blog entrtry so that Dreamsville will become a representation — a story — of an era. Make sure you leave a valid e-mail address so we can contact you for photos.




Harley Lond
Los Angeles

Born 1946
Played Little League
Boy Scouts
Was outcast in elementary and Jr. High

Accepted to UCLA in 1963
Flunked out of UCLA in 1964
Became a Hippie
Summer of Love in 1967
Lived in Ocean Park
Joined Students for a Democratic Society
Organized Santa Monica College students to protest the War
San Francisco Peace March
Entered Cal State L.A. in JournalismGuru
Graduated 1972
Wrote for Los Angeles area alt newspapers
Lived in Echo Park
Hitchhiked around the Pacific Northwest and Canada
Started and ran a multi-art center in West Los Angeles
Founded, published, edited InterMedia art magazine
Moved to San Francisco and became active in the art/punk scene in the late 1970s

Returned to L.A. in journalism
Married Marilyn
Worked for Filmrow Publications, Boxoffice Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, AOL’s Moviefone, The Wrap, Written By (The Writers Guild of America)
Have a delightful 28-year-old daughter: Lizzie
Two grandchildren: Dahlia, 6; Sawyer, 3

Did I have a happy childhood? Yes & No.
I was happy in college.
I was happily married.
Now happily single.
Have had many happy jobs.

My cars (over the years):
1951 Chev; 1957 Chev; 1963 VW; 1959 Chev Panel Truck; 1984 Mustang GT350, 2008 Mustang GT.

My dream was to be a famous artist, reporter or editor. I wanted a family with a split-level home on a quiet street. I wanted to change the world. Some of that has come true.

“How are things in your town?”

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