The Pleasures of Nat Hentoff

Posted on January 8, 2015
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“The Pleasures of Being Out of Step: Notes on the Life of Nat Hentoff” (2014): Nat Hentoff is one of the enduring voices of the last 65 years, a writer who championed jazz as an art form and was present at the creation of “alternative” journalism in America. This unique documentary wraps the themes of liberty, identity and free expression around a historical narrative that photo for The Pleasures of Being Out of Step: Notes on the Life of Nat Hentoffstretches from the Great Depression to the Patriot Act. At the core of the film are three extraordinary, intimate conversations with Hentoff, plus additional interviews with such luminaries as Amiri Baraka, Stanley Crouch, Floyd Abrams, Aryeh Neier and Dan Morgenstern. Interwoven through it all is the sublime music of Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Bob Dylan, along with never-before-seen photographs and archival footage of these artists and other cultural figures at the height of their powers. From First Run Features


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