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Posted on May 30, 2007
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art.jpgName of Birth Certificate: Arthur Wayne Aratin
Preference: Art
Place of Birth: Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, CA
Date of Birth: April 25, 1945I have lived in (all California residences): Sierra Madre, Ocean Park, Mar Vista, Palms, San Diego, Hollywood, Inglewood, West Los Angeles, Palms, Los Feliz, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood.

Education: Montessori Nursery School, Beethoven Elementary School, Walgrove Avenue School, Mark Twain Junior High School, Venice High School, University High School (summer), Alexander Hamilton High School (summer), San Diego State College, Santa Monica City College, San Fernando Valley State College, Control Data Institute, American Bartending School, School of Hard Knocks.

Married to Nicki (formerly Wexler), a graduate of Fairfax High School. We had our first date in 1964 and married in 1987. We didn’t want to rush into anything.

Children: None 2-legged. 4-legged: Brandiwyne Cassandra [Shetland Sheepdog](deceased), Bailey Barnum [Short Haired Domestic Cat from SPCA], Miss Tallulah Mae Zurielizabeth Berger Dash Louis Wexler Hyphen Aratin [Cockapoo] (Tallulah has such a long name because she was so small when we got her that we felt she deserved a big name. At 10 years old, she is still only 9 pounds while her 11 year old feline brother is 15 pounds and he was the runt of his litter – big cats in that family!).

Current Salaried Occupation: Purchasing manager for a belt manufacturer and importer.
At least that is my title. I also am Production Manager for two divisions.

recently.jpgChosen occupation: Writer (with many writers blocks and unfinished pieces but quite a number of articles published over the years for very little money). I am also one of the worst poets in my age group to have been published.

Sideline: Semi-Professional Folk Dancer (got paid less than expenses) from age 22 to 47 (off and on), with Aman Folk Ensemble and later with Avaz International Dance Theatre. I also did some acting and singing along the way, as well as radio broadcasting. But I wouldn’t call myself a show-biz professional.

My favorite pre-career job was working at Pacific Ocean Park. I don’t think it really counts as work, making Hot Dogs on Sticks and pre-fabricated Pizza, but it was a lot of fun and it was like an extension of high school because so many people from Venice worked there.

My “careers” have involved computer operations (at the Preview House in West Hollywood, right out of college) and selling upholstery supplies. I accidentally fell into the fashion industry in my 30s and have been there ever since. I have worked for such labels as Bugle Boy, Levis, Jimmy’Z, Tangents, Bonnie Strauss, Warren Z (no relation to Jimmy), Mica, Dennis Goldsmith and too many others to mention. Most of the companies I have worked for are out of business now. This is a transitory industry. I am currently at Streets Ahead, a belt and accessory manufacturer.

I admit to being a Liberal Democrat (no fear of the “L” word here) and once ran for Los Angeles County Central Democratic Committee. The top seven were elected. I came in 8th. So much for politics. I tried to change the world but I am afraid it changed me. But I still vote!


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